A large ball track toy set for younger children. The track has a series of ramps and circular wooden track pieces that carry balls along.
A young boy places a ball at the top of a wooden circular ball track. The ball will roll down ramps and along tracks until reaching the bottom where it will knock over dominos.
A young girl watches a ball roll along a wooden ramp that connects to a series of wooden tracks.
A top down view of a wooden ball track for small children. The track consists of a number of wooden ramps and semi circular track pieces.
The pieces of the ball track are spread out on a white surface. Many of the pieces are natural wood finish, and some are painted in bright rainbow colors.

My First Ball Track - Large Pack


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How constructive! Build up the fun with the My First Ball Track set from HABA! Perfect for all master constructors ages 18 months and older, the ball track is guaranteed fun! The colorful connecting blocks come with pivots that easily lock into place on the bottom of the ball track pieces. This makes constructing easy and ensures the track stays in place even if your little one bumps against it. Contains 4 ramps, 8 curves, 12 colored connecting blocks, 3 dominos, and 3 special effect balls that glitter, ring, or rattle while rolling.

Try it out with the complementary sets: My First Ball Track Chatter Pack and My First Ball Track Basic Pack. As your little one grows older, this set can easily be complemented with any of the HABA ball track sets.