Wooden blocks form a curving track for balls to roll down. Specialty pieces include a tunnel, and arch, and a mirrored landing cup
A young boy plays with wooden blocks, building a track for the ball to roll along.
A young boy places a painted wooden ball onto a wooden block track. The ball will roll into a mirrored cup at the end of the track.

My First Ball Track - Mirror Marvel


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Rollin' rollin' rollin'! The ball zooms down the ramp, through the tunnel and around the bend toward the arch. Whoosh! Watch out, it's heading for the mirror block!  Includes 1 tunnel ramp, 1 arch, 1 ramp, 1 straight track, 4 curves, 1 effect ball, 1 ball made of acrylic glass, 1 mirror block, 8 colored connecting block. Compatible with all My First Ball Track Sets as well as all HABA Marble Run sets! Collect them all!