Hexagonal wooden building blocks, painted grey with white windows. Design emulates brutalist architecture.
Blockitecture wooden blocks are shown stacked, looking like a strangely interesting skyscraper complex
Wooden building blocks are stacked in the shape of a building. The building consists of two towers connected by a bridge.
Ten hexagonal wooden blocks are stacked in the shape of two skyscrapers connected by two bridges hanging between the towers.
A hand places a grey wooden block onto other blocks to create a building shaped form. The wooden blocks are grey with white painted windows.
10 individual blockitecture blocks are organized so that each shape can be viewed individually.

Blockitecture - Brutalism


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Build the world you want to see with Blockitecture, a set of architectural building blocks. Cantilever and nest hexagonal blocks to create towers, cities and dwellings. The Brutalism set is inspired by the massive utopian forms and material palette of the Brutalist architects, who used raw concrete as their material of choice. Blockitecture Brutalism includes 6 towers, 2 skyways, and 2 platforms.