Hexagonal wooden blocks are stacked like a building. The blocks are painted white, red, light blue, and dark blue.
Colorful wooden blocks are stacked to look like a building. Each block is fully painted except for areas that look like windows.
wooden blocks are stacked like a building. The blocks have implied windows, and their hexagonal shape allows them to interlock when stacked.
A pile of six sided wooden blocks. The pile is jumbled, with a few blocks stacked atop one another.
Brightly colored blocks are stacked in the shape of skyscraper and sit on a rustic wooden floor. The blocks are painted red, white, light blue, and navy blue, and appear to have windows, making the blocks look like buildings in a city.
Nine wooden blocks are arranged orthogonally. The blocks are hexagonal, and are painted blue, red and white with windows, simulating the facade of a building.

Blockitecture - Habitat


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Habitat is the first in the Blockitecture® series, designed by James Paulius for Metaproject, an industry projects class produced by the Rochester Institute of Technology in partnership with Areaware. The forms were inspired by Habitat 67, a housing complex and pavilion designed by Moshe Safdie for the 1967 World's Fair in Montreal, Canada.