A wooden gorilla toy stands proudly on stout rear legs and powerful front arms.
Two wooden gorilla toys. The larger gorilla stands on all four limbs, while the junior gorilla stands on it's rear legs and reaches up towards the larger gorilla's head.
Hanno, a wooden gorilla toy, stands near a potted plant. Hanno is made from sculpted pieces of wood attached by strong elastic string.
Hanno Jr., a small wooden gorilla toy, stands with arms raised near a potted plant. The gorilla is made of beautiful wood and assembled by elastic string.
Two wooden gorillas stand between potted plants. The larger gorilla stands on all-fours, the smaller gorilla stands with both hands held above it's head.

Hanno the Gorilla


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Hanno and Hanno Jr. are brave, strong, and curious. Their powerful hardwood frames and elastic-band muscles can hold many poses, their durable wood limbs make them almost impervious to breakage. The Hanno Family is named after a Greek voyager who is credited with discovering gorillas in the 6th Century BC.