Hexagonal wooden blocks are arranged in the shape of a building. The blocks are painted white, with rectangular spaces left blank to imply windows.
A side view of hexagonal wooden blockitecture blocks stacked in the shape of a building. Platforms containing trees are scattered throughout the building.
Three distinct buildings are constructed from building blocks that are painted to look like building facades.
Wooden city blocks are arranged so that each individual block stands alone and is visible. The wooden blocks are painted white and look like building facades.
A hand places a white painted wooden block on a stack of blocks that looks like a building. Two other small block buildings are shown in the foreground.
A hand places a wooden block at the top of a tall block tower. The tower looks like a white skyscraper with cantilevered platforms containing trees.
Wooden blocks are shown stacked in the shape of buildings.

Blockitecture - Garden City


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Build the world you want to see with Blockitecture, a set of architectural building blocks by designer James Paulius. Cantilever and nest hexagonal blocks to create towers, cities and dwellings. Blockitecture Garden City, our deluxe set, adds pavilions and garden terraces to original Blockitecture forms.