Thin wooden blocks are laid out to look like a series of parks in a large square configuration. The wooden blocks are typically long, wide and flat, some have trees or arches attached.
A hand places a wide, flat wooden block into a series of other wooden blocks that look like a park. The blocks are painted a variety of shades of light brown, green, and blue.
A top down image of flat rectilinear shapes that represent parks and green spaces when used with other blockitecture blocks. Blocks are painted green, light brown, and blue.
Wooden blocks painted to look like buildings are arranged in groups that look like a city skyline. The wooden blocks are surrounded by wide, flat painted blocks that look like parks and rivers.
A circular table with wooden blocks stacked on top. The blocks look like a cityscape with stacked buildings and wide flat park spaces between.
painted wooden blocks that are typically wide and flat, designed to look like flat pieces of ground when used with other wooden blocks. Blocks are blue, green, and brown and many have small trees or arches attached.

Blockitecture - Parkland


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Build the world you want to see with Blockitecture, a set of architectural building blocks. Blockitecture Parkland provides an environment of rivers, parks and green space in which to situate your latest Blockitecture cityscape. Each set includes 21 parkland pieces, 1 pond and 2 river pieces.